DeVilbiss DeKups® Reusable Sleeves and Lids


DeVilbiss DeKups® Gravity Paint Cup System

Manufacturer: Carlisle DeVilbiss

Part #: DPC-60X

Description: The DeKups® disposable cup system increases productivity and efficiency, offering easy disposable liners versus traditional gravity cup systems. Here you can purchase your reusable sleeves and lids, and below you will find a table with links to all disposable liners, filters, adapters, and other accessories. Demo Kits and Shop Start Up Kits available!

Designed for Durability and Performance:

  • Liner Collapses Evenly - Liner system provides superior fluid flow, color match, and less over mixing. Spray at any angle including upside down as the disposable liner collapses within the reusable sleeve.
  • Multiple Filter Options - Barrel filters offer additional savings, while disk filters provide sizable filtration for superior fluid flow of waterborne paints.
  • Positive Locking Connection - Non-threaded locking allows for a quick, tight and secure connection. Adapters exist for virtually all gun models.
  • Self-Dispensing Packaging - Convenient mounting and dispensing to further streamline your paint prep process.
Once you have purchased your reusable sleeve and lid, select the following from the tables below:
  1. Adapter to fit your spray gun to the disposable cup
  2. Disposable lid and liner sets
  3. Disk filters or Barrel filters
  4. Measuring guides
  5. Accessories


 Part No. Gun Model
DPC-43 DeVilbiss, TEKNA, CVi, PLUS, GTi, PRi, JGA,
Binks, M1G, Sharpe Cobalt, Platinum & Titanium
DPC-26 Accuspray Issac
DPC-31 FinishLine 2, 3, 4
DPC-10 SATA NR2000, RP, KLC, MCB, Jet 90 Series
DPC-11 SATA NR95, Iwata LPH-400 & W400LV, Astro GF14,
17, & 20S, Finex FX 200 & 300
DPC-13 Sagola
DPC-23 DeVilbiss SRi, SRiW, SRiPro, Binks Cub
DPC-500 3M Conversion Adapter
DPC-502 SATA Mini, QCC + Threaded
DPC-504 SATA QCC Full-Size
DPC-64 StartingLine Touch-Up Gun
DPC-69-K1 Suction Conversion Kit
DPC-78 Iwata SuperNova, Air Gunsa, LPH300 & W300
DPC-81 StartingLine Full-Size, Sharpe Finex 1000, 2000, 3000
DPC-85 Accuspray Disposable Head


Disposable Lids and Liners:

 Part No. Description
DPC-600 34 oz./1000 ml Disposable Cup/Lid
DPC-601 24 oz./710 ml Disposable Cup/Lid
DPC-602 9 oz./265 ml Disposable Cup/Lid
DPC-524 24 oz./34 oz. Disposable Lid
DPC-509 9 oz./265 ml Disposable Lid
DPC-503-K24 3 oz. Disposable Cup/Lid


Disk and Barrel Filters:

 Part No. Description
DPC-42-K24 24/34 oz. 125 Micron Disk Filter
DPC-66-K24 24/34 oz. 200 Micron Disk Filter
DPC-65-K24 9 oz. 125 Micron Disk Filter
DPC-67-K24 9 oz. 200 Micron Disk Filter
DPC-27-K10 Barrel Filter 200 Micron
DPC-17-K10 Barrel Filter 300 Micron
DPC-14-K10 Barrel Filter 600 Micron


Measuring guides:

 Part No. Description
DPC-60-K10 9 oz. Universal measuring guide
DPC-59-K10 24 oz. Universal measuring guide
DPC-61-K10 34 oz. Universal measuring guide



 Part No. Description
BXX-1279 Filters and Plugs Storage Case
DPC-6-K10 Plugs
DPC-44 Cleaning Brush
DPC-22-K24 Disposable Funnel
DPC-5001 Magnet Assembly
DPC-8 Cleaning Bottle
DPC-654 Demo Kit
DPC-650 Shop Start Up Kit


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