DeVilbiss EXL Pressure Feed Spare Parts


DeVilbiss EXL Pressure Feed Spare Parts

Manufacturer: DeVilbiss

Part #: See table

Description: Spare parts for the DeVilbiss EXL HVLP Pressure Feed Spray Gun.


 Ref. No. Part No. Description
1 N/A Air Cap
2 JGA-156-K10 Spring Clip (Kit of 10)
3 MBC-368 Air Cap Retaining Ring
4 GTI-407-2000 Air Cap & Retaining Ring
5 AV-2120-FX Fluid Tip (1.1mm)
AV-2120-FF Fluid Tip (1.4mm)
AV-2120-E Fluid Tip (1.8mm)
AV-2120-D Fluid Tip (2.2mm)
6 GTI-425 Baffle Assembly
7 GTI-33-K5 Baffle Seal (Kit of 5)
8 JGA-4035-K5 Packing (Kit of 5)
9 34411-122-K10 Packing Nut
10 GTI-405 Spreader Valve
11 JGA-402-FX Fluid Needle (1.1mm)
JGA-402-FF Fluid Needle (1.4mm)
JGA-402-E Fluid Needle (1.8mm)
JGA-402-DEX Fluid Needle (2.2mm)
12 JGS-72-K10 Gasket Kit (PTFE) (Kit of 10)
16 MBD-19-K10 Spring and Pad (Kit of 10)
17 GTI-414 Needle Adjusting Screw
18 KK-5059 Bushing, Spring, Pad and Knob Kit
25 JGS-449-1 Air Valve Assembly
26 P-MB-51 Air Inlet Nipple 1/4" NPS(M)
29 JGS-478 Stud and Screw Kit (Includes 3 Studs & 5 Screws)
31 JGS-477-1 Trigger Stud, Screw Kit (1 each)
35 JGA-4042 Fluid Inlet, Gasket, Nut Kit
39 GTI-428-K5 Clip, Seal & Pin Kit (5 each)

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