Door Handles


Door Handle Features

  • Rotation: Ease to Finish Both Sides of a Door
  • Transfer: Ability to Transfer to other Racks
  • Lock: 3 tabs allow a door to lock in place

Door Handle Benefits

  • Door handle is made of 1/8” cold-rolled steel
  • Engineered, machined, and welded Never have to replace
  • Pre-holed for (4) self-taping screws
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Door handle can be used on wood or metal doors
  • Holds 15 doors in a horizontal position in an 8’ 1/2” x 2’ 1/2” floor space Holds 11 doors in a vertical position in a 9’ x 3’ floor space
  • Door Handle is used to rotate the door to finish both sides of the door simultaneously
  • Allows a single user to transfer the door onto the Drying Racks
  • Two tabs are used to lock the door into place on the Adjustable Cart and Transfer Cart allowing the door to be worked on.