Dubois Model SP-12 Portable Linear Spray Machine

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The Dubois Model SP-12 Portable Linear Spray Machine is an automated lineal finishing machine that can be used for a variety of applications including priming, staining, sealing, lacquering etc. of linear stock. *The machine must be used in a functional spray booth. The standard SP-12 can be shipped within 2 weeks from the receipt of payment.

Base Machine Includes:

  • Left-hand machine is standard
  • Formed tubular steel frame, powder-coated
  • Infeed guide fences
  • Top roller hold-down on infeed table
  • 1/2 hp gear reduced AC motor with variable speed live roll conveyor
  • Three gun arms included on all machines
  • Capable of one gun circuit (3 guns)
  • Ability to enable/disable individual guns
  • Air regulator for adjusting atomization pressure with atomizing air line for each gun
  • Air regulator for adjusting fluid pressure
  • Pneumatic gun triggering mechanism, whisker part sensor & pneumatic on/off timers
  • One easily cleaned spray trough


Machine Dimensions L x W x H: 120" x 38" x 73"
Machine weight: 1,600 lbs.
Max part width: 12"
Min part length: 30"
Max part height: 3"
Line height: 38"
Max line speed: 150 ft./min.
Min. compressed air pressure req'd: 80 psi
Max air consumption: 17 scfm @ 80 psi (min.)
Supply Voltage: 120 Volts AC/1 Phase/60 Hz

For a visual example, watch the video provided below of the Dubois Model SP-12 Portable Linear Spray Machine in action.

FOB Indiana - You will be contacted with a freight quote or you can arrange your own freight.

Compatible with both waterborne and solvent-based coatings.
Must be operated in a functional spray booth

When Ordered with Wagner System, Includes:

  • 3 - Wagner GA 4000 ACIC Automatic Spray Guns
  • 3 - Wagner GA 4000 ACIC-S Base Plate
  • 3 - Air Cap LV+ (Red) for GA 4000 AC Gun
  • 3 - Wagner ACF3000 11/40 (.411) Aircoat Tips
  • 50' - 5/16 Nylon Tubing
  • 50' - 5/32 Nylon Tubing
  • 3 - High-Pressure Fluid Hose (3/16" Dia x 10' x 1/4" FNPTSS)
  • 1 - Custom Stainless Steel Fluid Manifold
  • Wagner 18-40 Wildcat Cart Mounted Spray System w/ Filter Combo
    • Includes:
      • Cart
      • Wall Holder
      • Aircoat Air Regulator
      • 5 gal. Suction Hose Assembly
      • Throat Seal Lubricant

GM 4000 and GM 4700 Series AC technology
GA4000 Automatic AirCoat Guns
The WAGNER automatic AirCoat guns revolutionize the automatic coating processes. Excellent finishing quality, best transfer efficiency, ultra-small, and light, super-fast, and constant trigger speed result in best surfaces. Innovative cartridge packing and the base plate system reduces downtime and increases your process reliability. Enhance your automatic coating processes with WAGNER automatic AirCoat guns!

GA 4000AC Technology
The innovative WAGNER automatic AirCoat guns employ our brand new AirCoat atomization process to produce the finest finishing results ever. These guns meet all market demands - highest flexibility, ultra-lightweight, compact dimensions, and new long-life packing for high process reliability.

Typical Applications

  • Wood and furniture industry
  • Corrosion protection
  • General metal industry
  • Leather coating

Typical Fluids

  • Stains, varnishes, and lacquers
  • Solvent- and water-based paints
  • PU and Epoxy materials
  • 2K materials
  • High solid materials
  • UV paints

Best atomization
The new AirCoat atomization provides a softer and smoother spray pattern. Due to the new air cap design, the material pressure is reduced and the spray pattern becomes more homogenous.

High transfer efficiency
The fine, soft atomization combined with a homogenous particle size guarantees a high transfer efficiency.

Wildcat 18-40 Pumps

The high-pressure piston pumps from Wagner are designed for airless and aircoat applications. The unique internal design of the motor and its special discharge valves drastically reduce ice formation and prevent accumulation to ensure superior performance and exceptional reliability. Self-adjusting packings and a thick hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid section ensures durability regardless of the material used. The packing-free, anti-stalling pilot valve is always fed by full air pressure, regardless of the adjusted working pressure, to guarantee high-speed inversions and optimal performance.



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