EKASILK PLUS 1/2 in. Sanding Sponge

$17.80 $22.25

EKASILK PLUS 1/2 in. Sanding Sponge

Manufacturer: Uneeda

Part Number: P-10450X

Description: Say goodbye to sanding contours, dips, grooves and rounded edges by hand! The thick, flexible, open cell foam structure of the 1/2in. EKASILK PLUS allows the grain layer to recede into the sponge, matching the shape of your workpiece and removing the need to do it all by hand.

Minimum Order/Package Quantity: 25


Grit Equivalence


60 grit finish


120–150 grit finish


150–180 grit finish


220–240 grit finish

Very Fine

320–380 grit finish


450–500 grit finish

Ultra Fine

600–700 grit finish

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