Fully Automated Brush Sanding Machine FD1300


Our FD1300 51" wide disc sanding machine features two sets of oscillating disc heads, perfect for profiled doors, metal deburring and edge breaking. The motion of the cup heads allows sanding in intricate areas, while preserving the original profile. Featuring a Siemens operating system with a digital touch screen for easy operation. 

  • Excellent Structural Design
  • A Higher Caliber Configuration Improves Efficiency, All While Achieving the Perfect Surface Finishing
  • Flexible, Ground-Breaking, Compact, Customizable Brush Machine 
  • The Essential Products for Automated Brush Sanding.
  • The Flexible Sanding System Which Can Be a Single Machine or Combination of All Three Machines.
  • It's Simplicity, Efficiency and Variety Provides More Possibilities with Greater Control Of The Sanding Process
  • The Correct Sanding Solution Available for Various Applications.
  • Easily Controlled Touch Screen. 

Two units of straight sanding heads rotate in opposite directions. Which provides complete sanding of flat and profiled pieces. 



Max. Working Width: 51 in

Min. Working Length: 11 in.

Working Thickness: .11 - 4.5 in.

Total Motor Power: 5.79 kw

Linear Speed of Conveyor Belt: 10 - 55 ft./min

Volume of Dust Collection: 8800 m3/h

Overall Dimension: 89 in. x 76 in. x 83 in.

Total Weight: 4410 lbs


FOB Queensbury, NY - You will be contacted with a freight quote or you can arrange your own freight.

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