Grippy® Paint Booth Mat - 32" x 100', Blue

$268.00 $340.24

Grippy® Paint Booth Mat - 32" x 100', Blue

Manufacturer: New Pig

Part #: MAT32100

Description: Line paint booths and workbenches with adhesive-backed Grippy Mat to control messy spills and splashes.
Cut paint defects up to 50% when using Grippy Mat in combination with a dust particle control spray
• Keep workers safe and eliminates slips and falls with the mat that lays flat and stays flat®
Provides a clean surface that soaks up paint while you work without bunching, shifting or sliding out of place
• Peels up easily for quick changeouts and reduces cleanup time for a more productive shop; eliminates the hassle of tape and makeshift liners

  • Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene absorb paint and most other fluids
  • Avoid problems you get with standard floor coverings that tear easily, get damp underneath and won't stay in place
  • Poly layer creates a liquid-proof barrier that keeps workbenches completely dry
  • Mat cushions the floor for a more ergonomic workspace

Ready to stop slips, trips, and falls for good? You need Grippy Floor Mat. It's adhesive-backed so it sticks to the floor and won't bunch up, ripple, or move around. Plus, it absorbs water so it doesn't get tracked around and leave floors slippery and dangerous. Can't say that about rubber-backed rental mats, right? Replace your sub-par industrial floor mats or commercial floor mats with Grippy Mat everywhere you have foot traffic — They'll stand up to constant walk-ons for months, so you change them out less often — which saves you time and money.

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