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These industrial tips will apply a quality spray coating in a wide variety of different patterns and orifice combinations. These flat airless paint sprayer tips have a carbide mounted in a highly polished stainless steel jacket with a stainless steel insert pressed behind to increase flow and atomization of the spray coating. Due to the inexpensive nature of a flat high-pressure spray nozzle, they are widely used in automatic and many manual applications.

These spray tips can be found applying a broad range of spray coating materials including stains, lacquers, oil-based paints, latex, heavy paints, and block fillers. There are over 300 different spray angle and orifice size combinations to get the exact spray tip needed in order to solve all your fluid handling requirements. If a super fine finish result is needed in applying the spray coating try one of our fine finish tips for precision spraying with the ultimate in high-quality atomization. Additional airless paint sprayer tips are available upon request.

Tip Size Degree Orifice Size Fan Pattern
211 20 0.011 4-6 inches
311 30 0.011 6-8 inches
313 30 0.013 6-8 inches
411 40 0.011 8-10 inches
413 40 0.013 8-10 inches
415 40 0.015 8-10 inches
513 50 0.013 10-12 inches
515 50 0.015 10-12 inches
615 60 0.015 12-14 inches
617 60 0.017 12-14 inches

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