SurfPrep Interface Pads


SurfPrep Interface Pads

We recommend using a J-Hook Backup Pad or J-Hook Backup Pad with Holes when sanding with any Interface Pads. This is because the interface pad will not stay in place while sanding using a standard Hook and Loop backup pad, whereas using a J-Hook backup pad will allow the interface pad to stay in place.

The 3″ X 4″ Variety Pack comes with a selection of our most popular 3″ X 4″ interface pads. Each pad can be used for a different application.
The pack also includes the J-hook Backup Pad. If you are doing a lot of sanding with an interface pad, we recommend using the J-hook backup pad because it holds the interface pad tighter.

Includes the following:
  - 3” X 4” Soft Interface Pad (Grey) [SPIP3X4] 
  - 3” X 4” Firm Interface Pad 7mm Thick (Yellow) [SPIP3X4F7MM]
  - 3” X 4” Firm Interface Pad 15mm Thick (Yellow) [SPIP3X4F15MM]
  - 3” X 4” Medium Interface Pad (Yellow) [SPIP3X4MD]
  - SurfPrep 3” X 4” Backup Pad Hook & Loop J-Hook [SPBP3X4J]


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