Surfprep 6" Trident Air Sanding System Kits


Surfprep 6" Trident Air Sanding System Kits

Manufacturer: SurfPrep

Part #: SPSS6HL316, SPSS6HL316CV

Surfprep's Sanding System Kits are the best way to start using our products. This is because you choose which sander works best and it includes the most popular abrasives and accessories to go along with your tool. Below you will need to choose the size of sander that best fits your needs (*Hint... the most popular is the 3" X 4"). Then you need to choose the kind of sander that will work best for you. If you are debating between air or electric, watch this video to help make your decision easier. If you are ordering an air sander, keep in mind you will need at the very smallest an 80-gallon air compressor.
Lastly, you need to decide if you will be using a vacuum or not. Clean sanding has become more popular since OSHA classified wood dust as a carcinogen. Vacuums systems will keep your sanding area cleaner, especially if you are sanding on-site. Check out our vacuum accessories page if you already own a vacuum system and need to connect your SurfPrep sander to it. Your kit will come with a foam variety pack, film variety pack, as well as accessories. Once you choose the three options below, a description will pop up to show you exactly what to expect in your kit!
NOTE: 3" and 3"x 7" sander systems with central vacuum are also available for purchase.
All vacuum hoses and accessories are sold separately. You can find them here

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