Aftermarket KREMLIN® 132.720.055 Aircap VX124 Fixed Spray (Non-OEM)

$160.00 $197.30

Aftermarket KREMLIN® 132.720.055 AirCap VX124 Fixed Spray (Non-OEM)

Manufacturer: Total Finishing Supplies

Part Number: 398160165

Comparable to OEM Part Number: 132-720-055 or 132.720.055

Description: Aftermarket KREMLIN® AirCap VX124 With Permanent Pattern (Non-OEM)

Fits KREMLIN® Spray Gun Models: AVX™ or ATX™ 

Comparable to KREMLIN® 132-720-055 or 132.720.055


KREMLIN®, AIRMIX®, and Xcite® are registered trademarks of Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA, and the same companies may claim unregistered trademark rights in other words. The advertised parts are intended to fit KREMLIN® and Xcite® spray equipment. They are not, however, manufactured, endorsed, or sponsored by Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA or any of their affiliates, and no warranty by Sames Kremlin SA, Exel Industries SA, or any of their affiliates applies. Total Finishing Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA and is not one of their authorized distributors.

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