SurfPrep LED Inspection Lights


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SurfPrep's LED Inspection Lights are used all over North America from the largest cabinet building OEM production shops, to a refinisher with a small business out of their garage. This light will help you see any imperfection on the surface you are sanding so you can deliver the best quality finished product to your customer! Customers who use this light are producing some of the best products in the world because they pay attention to detail and understand the value of investing in the best tools to get the job done right! LED Inspection Light Specifications Each LED has a 30,000 to 50,000 hour life span. LED light bar consumes 0-60 watts. Dimmer can run 2 light bars simultaneously. LEDs are very resistant to shock and vibration. The technology gives off very low heat per lumen for operator comfort. The warm 5,500 to 6,000K light temperature is closer to daylight, which is better for color rendition. The perfectly smooth beam quality and low level illumination make defects 10X more visible. The lenses keep the light on the table and not in the eyes of the operator.

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