Little Squirt


This is a very affordable Waterborne LogoWaterborne Spray Gun Cleaner like no other. It just takes a little more time. The “Little Squirt” is ideal for any shop as a pre-rinse for the Spray Gun Cleaner or as a full Spray Gun Cleaning System.


    • NESHAP COMPLIANT - Meets 6H National Requirements (No Atomization)
    • INSULATING WRAP - For keeping fluid Hot for an Extended Time Frame
    • DEFLECTOR SHIELD - Concentrates Cleaning & Protects from Splash Back
    • HAND PUMP - Creates Needed Cleaning Pressure
    • WATER WAVE - Waterborne Cleaning Solution - (2) 8 oz Bottles—96 cleanings
    • MEASURING CUP - For Proper amount of Water Wave Additive to Hot Water
    • RECYCLABLE MATERIALS - Material of Construction are all Recyclable
    • PRODUCT SPECS - Container Vol: 40oz, Pkg Weight: 2.5lbs, Shipping: Via UPS