Anest Iwata LS-400 1.2MM Hakone Limited Edition Spray Gun Set


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1.2mm Clear Coat HD Set up


Anest Iwata LS-400 Limited Edition Hakone Kit 

  • Very fine atomization even at a low air inlet pressure
  • Less air consumption and less overspray
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Large, uniform, and flat yet soft spray pattern
  • This strictly limited and numbered edition spray gun is delivered in a customized water-proof and solvent vapor-resistant case 

Kit Contents:

  • Anest Iwata LS-400 TURNPIKE Limited Edition
  • Limited Edition Waterproof / Solvent Vapour Resistant Carry Case
  • Fully Adjustable Air Regulator Gauge
  • 600cc Pot
  • Spanner
  • Complete Cleaning Kit
  • Certificate of Authenticity

1.2mm HD Tip

Limited to Manufacturers stock on hand

HD Clearcoat / Lacquer Set Up


  • Complies with EPA NESHAP 40 CFR, Part 63 Subpart 6H
  • State-of-the-art automobile inspired design by Pininfarina
  • Patented LV Technology design combines a higher fluid delivery that facilitates a faster, smoother application
  • Sprays in every climate condition with optimized atomization

The SUPERNOVA delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing. This, combined with the flat, even SUPERNOVA pattern, helps reduce common application issues. All SUPERNOVA guns are equipped with stainless steel fluid passages ideal for any type of material, solventborne or waterborne.

Limited Edition - Subject to Mfg Availability.

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