Aftermarket Graco® 167-XXX Manifold Filters - 100 Mesh (Non-OEM)


Aftermarket Graco® 167-XXX Manifold Filters - 100 Mesh (Non-OEM)


Manufacturer: Total Finishing Supplies

Part Number: 501XXX

Comparable OEM Part Number: 167-XXX

Description: Aftermarket Graco® 167-XXX Manifold Filters - 100 Mesh (Non-OEM)

Comparable to Graco® 167-XXX

Essential to maintaining your finishing equipment and eliminating downtime, paint spray filters will prolong the life of your high-pressure hose and airless paint sprayer, while allowing you to be most efficient. Whether you require Graco®™ airless, Wagner®™ airless, or air-assisted airless filters in various mesh sizes, you can always find the right paint filters to best fit your job.

It is advised to filter your spray coating multiple times before it reaches the spray gun. The use of a rock catcher, manifold filter, or screen filter at the pump end will ensure no large debris gets passed through into the high-pressure hose. Then once again before applying the spray coating, a spray tip filter or gun handle filter should be used to guarantee no small particles will clog your airless spray tip. As you approach the spray gun end, a higher mesh filter should be used. If using an air-assisted airless sprayer, it is recommended to use a microfilter as well, which will be placed directly behind the hose spray nozzle and allow for you to achieve the fine finish results.

Three mesh sizes available. Manufactured of 304 stainless steel.



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