Membrane Dryer Core Replacement


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Membrane Dryer Core Replacement

Manufacturer: Tsunami

Part Number:  21999-0355

Membrane DryerThe 2-Stage Membrane Dryer includes a water separator, oil coalescing filter, and membrane dryer. Incoming air enters the 1st and 2nd stage filters where liquid water, oils, and particulates are removed. Then, the air enters the Membrane Dryer where water vapor is removed from the air.


Key features

  • 2-stage Pre-filtration; Water Separator, Oil Coalescing Filter


  • 3-stage Pre-filtration; Water Separator, Oil Coalescing Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter
  • Membrane Dryer Core
  • Automatic Drains
  • Wall Mounting Brackets
  • Outlet Regulator
  • Heater Pads available for cold temp applications

Key Benefits

  • Low relative humidity - down to .01% RH
  • Dew points down to -80°F
  • Easy. low-cost maintenance - under $100/ year average

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