Mini-Filter Assembly, 3/8"


Manufacturer: Hosco

Part Number: MF-6-40, MF-6B-40B, MF-6-70, MF-6B-70B, MF-6-100, MF-6B-100B, MF-6-150, MF-6B-150B, MF-6-200, MF-6B-200B, MF-6-325, MF-6B-325B,  MF-6-500, MF-6B-500B 

Description: Mini-Filter Assembly, Female Straight x Male Straight, 3/8" NPS, and 3/8" BSP

Hosco Mini-Filters and Station Filters incorporate SST wire mesh filter elements to provide absolute filtration at the specified wire mesh or micron size. There are 7 mesh or micron sizes available in the Mini-Filter products and 2 sizes available in the Station filter. The finest mesh size is 500 mesh or 25 microns and the coarsest mesh size is 40 mesh or 350 microns. In general, solvents and clear fluids would use the finer mesh and the solid color paints, metallic paints
or highly filled or high solids paints will use the coarser mesh elements.

The Mini-Filters have a compact design, and can be installed inline to eliminate “dirt in paint”. The Station Filter is a good solution to providing filtration in a Pressure Pot or 5-gallon pail pumping set up and some unique “in-line” filtration in larger fluid piping systems.

Mesh/Micron Conversion Chart

Feature and Benefits

SST Construction Throughout

  • Materials compatible with all coatings or adhesives
  • Long life

Low Shear Design

  • Large flow passageways minimize shear and coating degradation and subsequent pressure or flowrate losses

Cavity Free & Smooth Bore Design

  • To minimize material pack out or “dirt in paint” and provide easy to clean and flush components

2500 Psi Working Pressure*

  • Compatible with a wide range of applicators and application pressure

Compact Design

  • Mini-filter allows spray operators to maneuver the spray gun into small areas or tight spaces much easier than alternatives


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