MS Elite Control Unit S5 Deluxe


Manufacturer: MS Powder

Part Number: 461959-021MD

Description: The MS Controller is designed exclusively for the control of MS Powder manual applicators. It controls and regulates the electrostatics and the air supply for powder application.

• Powder Program storage allows one-touch selection of Powder Program parameters such as feed air, dosage air, gun air, kV, and µA settings.
• Two standard Powder Programs are provided to simplify initial usage.
• 94 additional user-customizable Powder Programs are available.
• Air regulation is precisely controlled by electronic proportional air valves.
• MS Controller units have processor-controlled regulation of voltage (kV) and current (µA) output.
• The MS Controller Deluxe model supports remote control via the Ethernet interface using the Modbus protocol.

There are 3 main differences between the Deluxe and the Basic control units

  1. With the Deluxe unit, you have the possibility to control the production settings (Feedair, Dosage air, kV and yA) via ethernet from a remote PLC. As for the Basic you can “only” activate the Start/Stop of the trigger and the Start/Stop of the cleaning mode from a electrical switch.
  2. The Deluxe can control a Tribo gun in manual or automatic.
  3. The Topcase Deluxe is equipped with a third proportional valve for the Gun air/Rinsing air. In most cases this parameter is constant, but it can prove crucial in some very specific cases (aeronautical specific powder for example).

Technical Bulletin - page 15

MS Elite Control Unit - Service Manual

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