MS Elite Powder M5 Manual Applicator Gun


The Ergonomic, Advanced Manual Powder Gun

Manufacturer: MS Powder

Part Number: 615210

Description: The MS elite M5 manual powder applicator is designed exclusively for electrostatic coating with organic powders. The elite M5 manual applicator receives power from a controller which powers a cascade that generates a high voltage DC charge to the electrode, creating an electrostatic field between the nozzle and the target.

The program and the amount of powder can be set directly on the gun. The easy-clean gun design is a prerequisite for a fast color change.

  • Lightest powder gun worldwide(388 g)
  • Amount of powder and programs directly set on the gun
  • Newest digital high voltage technology
  • Diversified cone assortment
  • Metallic powder possible

One of the many features of the MS elite M5 manual powder applicator is that the electrical energy, which is available from the resistive charging electrode, is limited to the optimum level of safety and efficiency. The system is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy during normal operating conditions to cause ignition of specific hazardous materials in their most easily ignited concentrations in air. As the applicator electrode approaches ground, applicator circuitry causes the high voltage to approach zero while the current approaches its maximum value.

Technical Bulletin - page 15

M5 Elite Manual Applicator - Service Manual

Flat spray nozzle set (615214) included with MS Elite M5.


Nozzle Extensions