OVERSIZED 3″ X 4″ SurfPrep Foam Pads – 1/2″ Thick (Premium Red A/O) Box of 12


12 Pads/Box

Only available with 4 holes for vacuum

The pictures shown do not necessarily reflect the grit you have chosen. They show the foam size, thickness and vacuum hole pattern.



4" wide X 5.25" long

OVERSIZED pads for 3" X 4" sanders

Red Aluminum Oxide

12 Pads/Box

SurfPrep 1/2″ Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads are an excellent choice for preparing any surface that requires soft flexibility in order to ride over profiles so as not to cut or burn through lines or finishes. A great choice by cabinet makers who have challenges sanding or polishing the joint location of molding on a miter door. This pad will not load or pill.

*Product Update*

SurfPrep is updating their 3" X 4" tools, accessories, and abrasives with a new 6-hole pattern instead of the standard 4-hole. Throughout the next few months, all inventory will be replaced by the 6-hole pattern. Once replaced, 3” x 4” 4 hole items will no longer be available. Please keep in mind that a 4-hole abrasive will work great on a 6-hole backup pad and vis-versa.

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