PILOT Premium Airspray Manual Gun - Gravity Feed


Manufacturer: WALTHER PILOT
Part Number: V10701xxxxx (Standard Version), V10703xxxxx (HVLP Plus), V1070%xxxxx (HVLP), V10715xxxxx (Adhesive Standard), V10711xxxxx (HVLP Adhesive)

Description: WALTHER PILOT spray guns can process virtually all coating materials. These not only include water and solvent-based lacquers but also adhesives, separating agents, oils, and more. All models offer an extensive nozzle selection to meet the highest quality requirements and ensure material-saving processes. Additionally, most of the spray guns are also available as medium-pressure and HVLP Plus models. This allows for particularly high application rates. Put us to the test and use the successful results as a benchmark: The spraying results, the material savings, and the sustained contribution to environmental protection thanks to the reduced use of overspray.

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