Pot Gun Bracket


Originally designed for the Industrial Painting Market to hold pressure pot guns and siphon fed guns, along with other related equipment. 

This horizontal bar attaches to the bottom of a BoothBox-2 or BoothBox-Mini as an optional accessory, while the gravity gun hangers remain in place at the sides of the BoothBoxes.

The Pot Gun Bracket is a simple and useful addition to make the most out of your BoothBoxes.

  • Heavy-duty 5/16” horizontal rod to hold the weight of spray equipment and related hoses
  • Compatible with BoothBox 2 and BoothBox Mini (Sold Separately)
BoothBoxes, spray guns and material props shown in images are not included.
CAUTION: Never use any magnetic accessory on or near computer equipment. Use caution with all magnetic products. Keep fingers and other important body parts away from the path of the magnetic - metal contact.
BoothBox Mini and BoothBox 2 sold separately