Powder Recovery Unit Cyclone


Manufacturer: MS Powder

Part Number: 812151

Description: The powder / air mixture is extracted from the powder booth enclosure through specially configured, self-cleaning duct work. This design eliminates the possibility for powder contamination in the extraction duct.

Convenient clean-out access ports are provided for routine maintenance.

Tangential air movement within the trapezoidal design separates powder from the air stream and is proven efficient to 97%.

MS Cyclone Features:

  • Cyclone capacity range: 4,000 to 28,000 m³/hr. (2,400 to 16,800-CFM).
  • Trapezoid conical design, top to bottom for most efficient automatic cleaning and most efficient powder recovery.
  • Provides overall powder reclaim efficiency to 97%.
  • Swing-out cone for ease of access and maintenance.
  • Powder feed return peristaltic pump system for reclaim, or spray to waste operation.
  • Integrated system powder vacuum cleaner.
  • No sieve screen in cyclone tail section eliminates potential for powder contamination in cyclone.

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