Pro Drying Rack "PATRIOT" 10 Shelf (150 Lb)


Pro Drying Rack "PATRIOT" 10 Shelf (150 Lb) - FREE SHIPPING

Professional Painters & Wood Finishers versatile Trim, Panel and  Door Drying Racks

Manufacturer: Total Finishing Supplies

Part Number: 112601

Description: 10 layer super heavy duty rack for drying products in your spray shop.

• Spray coated for a durable quality finish
• Removable bars
• Special heavy duty swivel polyurethane tires
• Central ring frame can be positioned in either wide or narrow format
• High quality replaceable polyurethane plastic sleeves and plastic end bungs protect the work piece against accidents and allow easy cleaning of bars


• Bar Length 43 1/2" by 1 1/4" diameter covered in plastic tube
• Gap between bars 4 3/4”
• Number of layers 10
• Overall height 73 1/2"
• Width assembled in the narrow format 24”
• Width assembled in the wide format 48”
• Wheel diameter 4” rubber tire
• Maximum payload 1500lb
• Maximum payload per layer 150lb

Parts and Accessories:

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