ProDryingRack EX™ Plus Series


ProDryingRack EX™ Plus Series

The ProDryingRack EX™ Plus Series has 15 removable shelves, can be configured with up to four towers, providing from 20" to 180" of horizontal rack space, and has a weight capacity of up to 1,800 LBS.

Each tower includes heavy-duty, 5" locking casters and anti-torque stabilizers for rolling the entire rack to the desired shop area even under load.
  • Adding one tower, stabilizers and shelves creates the PDREX-3, with 120” of horizontal rack space and 1,350 LBS of weight capacity.
  • Adding two towers and stabilizer component sets creates the PDREX-4, which has 180” of horizontal rack space and 1,800 LBS of weight capacity.
  • Removable, quick release shelves for a variety of part sizes.
  • Quick release front, back, and top support.

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