Professional Mini Spray Gun Kit - T2


Manufacturer: C.A. Technologies
Part Number: CA-T2


Description: The T2 mini gravity spray gun is designed for easy glazing without
the spray and wipe and professional-grade touch-up. With its HVLP
compliance and low air consumption of 4 CFM, this spray gun is ideal
for any touch-up situation.

Standard Nozzle Features

  • Small Precision Gravity Feed
  • Low air consumption of 4 CFM
  • HVLP - 65% transfer efficient or better
  • Teflon Needle Packing
  • Air adjusting valve
  • Plastic and aluminum twist top cups
  • Great for detailing and touch-ups

Precision Mini T2

Easily apply spray stain onto your piece
- Great atomization for spray stain
- No more spray and wipe

Low CFM requirements
- 4 CFM air requirements
- Available for use with most small compressors

Small and compact spray gun
- Small handle design
- Minimal moving parts

Quick pattern adjustment
- Pattern control is easily adjusted by your thumb
- 4-inch spray pattern, ideal for touch up jobs


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