PSDR Wave Hangers (Set of 20)

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Manufacturer: The PaintLine

Part Number: PSDR.W


The Wave Hangers now include a carry bag! Bag is also available for separate purchase Here

The new PSDR Wave Hanger can accommodate cabinet doors with hinge holes up to 36” apart, and is custom-fit to the PSDR which minimizes swing and allows for tight spacing. The PSDR’s 18 feet of drying line is enough space for drying up to 50 cabinet doors.

The PSDR System with Euro Finishing Clip (EFC) Hinge Hooks provides perfect and completely unmarred surface results. EFCs are placed in the cup holes and then fit over one of PaintLine’s hangers for “all-sides” spraying and drying. Cup-hooks can also be screwed in to the tops and bottoms of cabinet doors to be hung and sprayed.

After painting on the spinner assembly, the door on the hanger is simply transferred over to the drying line where it will hang until ready for door hardware and installation.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 9 in x 36 in x 3 in

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