SurfPrep Sander Vacuum Conversion Kits


SurfPrep Sander Vacuum Conversion Kits

Manufacturer: SurfPrep


Description: If you currently own a SurfPrep sander and are deciding to go the 'dustless' route, we have conversion kits that make it easy to convert your tool over for vacuum sanding. Each kit includes the pieces necessary for converting your tool to vacuum: a conversion piece and a backup pad with vacuum holes.  Keep in mind that PNEUMATIC sanders are available in 'Central Vacuum' and 'Self Generated Vacuum' options. ELECTRIC sanders are only available in 'Central Vacuum'.



Central Vacuum - All SurfPrep sanders can be hooked up to a central vacuum clean sanding system. This is the most popular clean sanding option among sanding operators.

Self Generated Vacuum - Air sanders are powered by an air compressor that can also create suction to power its own vacuum. These option comes with a 6' long vacuum hose and a vacuum bag for clean sanding.


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*TFS is not responsible for return shipping costs if vacuum adapter does not fit the vacuum you own*