SATA Air Vision 5000


SATA Air Vision 5000

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: 1000XXX

Description: The SATA air vision 5000 offers complete head and breathing air protection against solvent vapor and isocyanates, puts the focus on effective health protection and lets you experience a whole new and comfortable way of breathing, due to a completely re-designed breathing air supply system. SATA air regulator belt with SATA air regulator (no charcoal) to be used in combination with wall-mounted three-stage filter regulator units, e.g. SATA filter 484 or 284. It’s very comfortable to wear and has a tip-up visor. Supplied air respirator hood with very high wearing comfort and optimum hygiene. The system perfectly complies with painters' requirements and protects their respiratory tracts, eyes, skin and hair (especially important for the application of waterborne paints). High breathing air quality due to an air supply which is independent from the ambient air, no inhalation resistance, high breathing comfort.

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Grade D Breathing Air Filtration is Required

SATA 500 Series Filter


Product Benefits:

  • NIOSH approved High breathing air quality

  • Rigid bump cap for safer work conditions

  • To be used in combination with wall-mounted three-stage filter regulator units

  • Absolute safety through external supply of clean air to the cabin—up to 100 times TRK value and suitable for continuous use

  • No inhalation resistance, very comfortable breathing

  • Ergonomic design with individual adjustment options and one-hand operation of the visor

  • Little operating costs, quick pay-off of purchase costs

  • Soft-stream flow-optimized air distribution in the hood

  • Reduced sound level: 64 dB (like a conversation at 1m)

  • The SATA color code discs allow you to personalize the hood, SATA air regulator and SATA air carbon regulator

Technical Data

Required Operating Pressure: 25–125 PSI

Required Minimum Air Flow: 6 CFM

Maximum Air Flow Volume: 15 CFM


SATA - Complete Clean Compressed Air Brochure

Available Versions


SATA air vision 5000 Regulator Set

Version With Air Regulator

Compressed Air-Fed Breathing Protection Equipment For Use In Combination With Wall-Mounted Three-Stage Filter Regulator Units, e.g., SATA Filter 584,484, Or 284


SATA air vision 5000 Respirator Hood Only With Pressure Gauge


SATA air vision 5000 carbon regulator set version with activated charcoal absorber—Compressed air-fed breathing protection equipment for use in combination with wall- mounted two-stage filter regulator units, e.g., SATA filter 544, 444, or 244


SATA air regulator only for SATA air vision 5000


SATA air regulator set, without charcoal


SATA air regulator belt only for SATA air vision 5000


SATA air carbon regulator set, with charcoal


SATA air warmer carbon for SATA air carbon regulator


SATA air carbon regulator only for SATA air vision 5000


SATA air humidifier (Int.) for SATA air vision 5000

Breathing air humidification for a comfortable breathing climate


SATA air warmer, incl. Adapter plate and hip pad for SATA air vision 5000


SATA air cooler incl. Adapter plate and hip pad for SATA air vision 5000



  • 1073197 Comfort Pad, Fits Over Air Vision 5000 Adjustment Knob, Velcro Closure

  • 1115189 SATA Activated Charcoal Filter, cpl. For SATA Air Carbon Regulator

SATA air vision 5000 Silicone Free Breathing Air Hose

Breathing Air Hose Technical Data

Inner Diameter:                         3/8”

Wall Thickness:                         0.117”

Working Pressure:                     145 PSI

Temperature:                             -22°–212°F

Minimum Bending Radius:       2”

Weight:                                      0.19lbs/ft


Tube:                                          EPDM Black

Reinforcement:                          Synthetic Cord

Cover:                                        EPDM Black

Conformity Standards

ATEX Classification:                 II 2 G T4

DIN EN 14594 Class 3B

NIOSH Approved

Spare Parts

  • 53942 G1/4f GS Respirator, UBE + Blow-Off Gun, Size 14

  • 81158 Humidifier Module Cartridge Only

  • 206961 Inner Shell*

  • 208280 Head Fixation Coupling

  • 208439 Belt With Buckle

  • 208447 Hip Pad, One

  • 208462 Adapter Plate

  • 210405 Visor Foil, 6 Perforations (5 Pcs)

  • 210468 Visor Foil, 6 Perforations (20 Pcs)

  • 210526 Visor Foil, 6 Perforations (1000 Pcs)

  • 211896 Hose Clamp

  • 211904 CCS Disc (4 Pcs)*

  • 211912 Hygiene Insert (20 Pcs)

  • 213728 Comfort Band, Velcro Attachment (10 Pcs)

  • 213736 Visor Bolt (6 Pcs)

  • 213835 Hook-And-Loop Tape, Long (1 Pc), Short (1 Pc), Adhesive On One Side

  • 213751 Hood Holder For SATA Air Regulator

  • 215550 Visor Foil, 6 Perforations (50 Pcs)

  • 215590 Visor Foil, 6 Perforations (100 Pcs)

  • 216473 Safety Quick Coupling For SATA Air Regulator & SATA Air Carbon Regulator, Air Warmer, Cooler, Humidifier

  • 218123 Air Carbon Regulator Cap

  • 218206-1 O-Ring*

  • 218206 SATA Activated Charcoal Filter, Complete

  • 226456 Plug-In Diffuser

  • 226621 Humidifier Kit Consisting Of Humidifier Module, Lid Seal & SATA Filter Timer

  • 226746 Dark Grey Hood Cloth

  • 1000223 SATA Air Regulator Belt (NIOSH)

  • 1005249 Pressure Gauge

  • 1014240 Complete Air Hose

  • 1039917 Velcro Comfort Head Band (100 Pcs)

  • 1066415 Control Knob Cpl

  • 1076521 Machine Screws For Humidifier*

  • 1076589 Air Tube For SATA Air Humidifier

  • 1076612 Container For SATA Air Humidifier*

  • 1076620 Lid For SATA Air Humidifier

  • 1076638 Safety Band For Bayonet Coupling, SATA Air Humidifier*

  • 1076662 Pressure Relief Valve Cpl For SATA Air Humidifier*

  • 1076688 Angled Screw Coupling, Swiveling For SATA Air Humidifier*

  • 1076703 Safety Quick Coupling*