SATAjet 1000 B LIGNUM 2 Spray Gun


SATAjet 1000 B LIGNUM 2 Spray Gun

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: 193XXX


The SATAjet 1000 B LIGNUM 2 is a must for every carpenter. Due to its comprehensive range of available nozzle sizes and its versatile selection of accessories, such as pressurized and agitator cups, a host of many different spray media can be perfectly applied: from low-viscosity wood stains and clearcoats to glues and other thixotropic materials. With extensions available in various executions, even areas of difficult access can be easily coated.

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Total Finishing Supplies is an authorized SATA Distributor. Beware of sites that claim to offer genuine SATA items. They may not be authorized and you may be buying a fake or an item that won't be covered under SATA's warranty.

Product Benefits: Universal, Low Cleaning, Ergonomic

  • Suitable for the application of various materials – waterborne or solvent-based

  • Universally adjustable spray pattern with fine atomization for a high work speed

  • The wide and smooth material passages improve the material flow – reduces cleaning time and ensures perfect paint jobs

  • Robust spray gun with anodized spray gun body, lightweight and optimized ergonomics
  • Standard version with swivel joint
  • Fully equipped with round/flat fan control and material flow control as well as air micrometer
  • Special air passages on the air cap horns prevent material accumulations caused by overspray
  • Large and smooth material passages for improved material flow—makes the paint job safe and minimizes cleaning efforts

RP Technical Data

Max. Inlet Air Pressure:

Air Consumption:

Spray Distance

22–29 PSI

9.7 CFM @ 29 PSI

6.6 in.–8.25 in.

HVLP Technical Data

Max. Inlet Air Pressure:

Air Consumption:

Spray Distance:

29 PSI

12.5 CFM @ 29 PSI

5 in.–9.6 in.

Available Versions

  • 25775 SATA BVD Conversion Kit With QCC Without Fine Thread

Specialized cup accessory

SATA pressurized gravity cups used for the application of paints and high viscosity materials. Complete with air control regulator. Gun not included

  • 29926 SATA Agitator Cup Conversion Kit

Specialized Cup Accessory

SATA agitated gravity cups used for the application of all types of sedimentary materials and flakes. Includes the stirrer and air micrometer for adjusting agitator speed.

RP Nozzle Sets

High Viscosity RP Nozzle Sets



HVLP Nozzle Sets

Accessory & Part List

  • 1826 Anti-Drip Device (4 Pk)
  • 3988-5 Sieve (5 pk)

  • 6395 Color Code Discs (4 pk)

  • 15438 Needle Packing Kit

  • 16162 Swivel Joint
  • 27243 0.6 L QCC Reusable Plastic Cup
  • 49395 Screw-On Lid For 0.6 L PVC Cup With Drip-Catching Ring & Anti-Drip Device
  • 76018 300 Mesh Paint Strainer (100 Pcs)
  • 76026 300 Mesh Paint Strainer (500 Pcs)
  • 89771 Control, RH w/ O-Ring

  • 91959 Air Piston

  • 92577 Tool Set

  • 96875 Inner Cup Seal

  • 160853 Digital Adam 2 Air Micrometer

  • 130393 Air Cap Ring Seal

  • 130492 Trigger Kit

  • 133926 Trigger Sleeve Kit

  • 133934 Fan Control 0-Ring (3 pk)

  • 133942 Air Piston Bushing

  • 133959 Spring Kit, 3 each of #215806 & #17897

  • 133967 Air Micrometer Pin (3 pk)

  • 133983 ¼” Male Thread Air Inlet Fitting

  • 133991 Air Piston Seal (3 pk)

  • 139188 Material Flow Control With Counter Nut
  • 139964 Air Micrometer
  • 134031 Fan Control Knob w/ Screw (2 pk)

  • 140574 Fan Control Knob w/ Screw

  • 140582 Fluid Tip Seal (5 pk)

  • 143230 Air Distribution Ring (3 pk)

Repair Kit

Tool Kit—9050

  • Extraction Tool

  • Paint Strainer

  • Cleaning Brush

  • 2mm Allen Wrench

  • 4mm Allen Wrench

  • Universal Wrech

  • 1097379 Universal Key Kit (3 pcs)


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