SATAjet 3000 ROB


SATAjet 3000 ROB

Manufacturer: SATA
Part Number: 1012XXX

Description: SATA robotic and automatic guns include stainless steel needle and fluid tips. Special versions are available with stainless steel heads for waterborne materials. Specially treated nozzles sets for corrosive or abrasive products are also available. Other special versions include automatic guns with slit or twist nozzles, marking guns, and laboratory test guns that include a nozzle test report. Quick attach mounting systems are available for some models. Nozzle extensions may be utilized on the SATAjet 1000 series to solve mass production, hard-to-reach coating problems.

The SATAjet 3000 ROB is a fully automatic, externally controlled, high-performance gun for automatic painting machines and painting robots. It is ideal for painting with the highest demands for brilliance, flow, color tone accuracy, and gloss level.


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Total Finishing Supplies is an authorized SATA Distributor. Beware of sites that claim to offer genuine SATA items. They may not be authorized and you may be buying a fake or an item that won't be covered under SATA's warranty.

Product Benefits:

  • ROBOTIC automatic guns have no manual controls

  • All spraying functions such as air and material pressure, triggering, fan width and material flow are remotely controlled

  • The SATA ROB automatic gun has a special mounting provision bored through the control block with milled keyway for attachment to the robot arm

  • Nozzle technology from the SATAjet 3000 K provides perfect finishes automatically

  • Stainless steel and material re-circulation versions, as well as quick change adapters available

  • Can be integrated into existing control and application systems

  • Process reliability through self-adjusting sealing elements in the air and material area

  • Low maintenance requirements, easy replacement of components

  • Perfect surface results, homogeneous spray fan with maximum application efficiency through proven RP or HVLP technology

RP Technical Data

Inlet Pressure: 51–58 PSI

Air Consumption: 15.5 CFM

HVLP Technical Data

Inlet Pressure: 58–61 PSI

Air Consumption: 20 CFM

RP Standard Nozzle Sets


RP Specially Treated Nozzle Sets


RP Test Air Caps

HVLP Standard Nozzle Sets


HVLP Specially Treated Nozzle Set


HVLP Test Air Caps

  • 0.5*

  • 0.8*

  • 1.0*

  • 1.2*

  • 1.6*

  • 2.0*

Spare Parts & Accessories


  • 1003 Air Cap Ring With Seal

  • 14183 Tool Kit

  • 38638 Air Distribution Ring

  • 38638-3 Air Distribution Ring (3 Pk)

  • 38638-5 Air Distribution Ring (5 Pk)

  • 38638-20 Air Distribution Ring (20 Pk)

  • 41780 Gun Body Only

  • 43091 Control Piston

  • 43109 Closing Cap

  • 64071 Seal Retainer

  • 64147 Washer

  • 64709 Sleeve

  • 64808 Compression Spring

  • 68999 Repair Kit

  • 68999-S Spring Set*

  • 74179 Inner Material Seal

  • 74690 Allen Screw M5 x M25

  • 80598 Front Mount Seal Retainer

  • 91728 Nozzle Head

  • 92627 Stainless Steel Nozzle Head

  • 93732 Green HVLP Air Cap Ring With Seal

  • 94714 Pin Only

  • 97824 Air Distribution Ring With Puller (3 Pk)*

  • 98061 Stainless Steel Nozzle Head With Material Circulation For Insert On* Quick Change Adapter

  • 170787 Rear Mount Seal Retainer

ROB Accessories & Parts

  • 74773 Single Gun Adapter, LP ROB

  • 56622 Dual Gun Adapter, LP ROB

  • 53132 G1/4 Adapter Plate Connection Bolt

  • 52720 Adapter Plate Spacer Block (3 Pk)

  • 145904 O-Ring Only (10 Pk)

Tool Kit—14183


  • Extraction Tool

  • Cleaning Brush

  • 2mm Allen Wrench

  • 4mm Allen Wrench

  • Universal Spanner

  • Socket Wrench