SATAminijet 4400 B Lady Edition II




SATAminijet 4400 B 


Lady Edition II


Manufacturer: SATA - Only available in Spot Repair

HVLP Product Number:  1160366 (1.0), 1160374 (1.2)

RP Version Not Available in North America


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An iconic comeback! In 2015, the special SATAminijet 4400 B Lady Edition was introduced, dedicated to the then International Women's Day motto "Make it happen!". It was specially designed for female painters and was extremely popular all over the world. To underline the growing importance of women working in the paint application industry, SATA has revived the "Lady" in a new look.

The limited and numbered special edition of the SATAminijet 4400 B impresses with its unusual design reminding of a henna tattoo. Three sparkling glass crystals let the "Lady" shine in new brilliance. The lasered lettering "Lady Edition II" on the trigger and the aluminum cup, give the spray gun the perfect final touch. For safe storage, the Lady Edition II is delivered in a black case with a black insert that perfectly matches the shape of the spray gun and cup.

Note: The complex refining process of the gun surface may entail slight color shade differences. Color changes, e.g. by the influence of light, are also possible. The model SATA® Lady Edition II is technically identical to the SATAminijet 4400 B.

Feminine, Elegant and Practical

SATAminijet 4400 B Lady Edition II

The Lady Edition II is delivered in a practical case for transport and storage with a black insert that perfectly matches the shape of the spray gun and cup.

Product Benefits

  • Small and compact: Particularly suitable for smaller areas or hard to reach places
  • Low maintenance, self-adjusting air piston and paint needle packings




HVLP Technical Data

Inlet pressure: 7.25 psi–29 psi

Air consumption: 4.2 CFM @ 29 psi

Spray distance: 5 in–6 in

Accessory & Replacement Part List

Standard RP Nozzle set

Standard HVLP Nozzle Set

HVLP Test Air Cap

Spot-Repair RP Nozzle Set


Spot-Repair HVLP Nozzle Set


Spot-Repair RP Test Air Cap

  • 206474, 0.8 SR; 1.0 SR; 1.2 SR


Spot-Repair HVLP Test Air Cap

Spare Parts

  • 3988 Sieve, pk of 20

  • 3988-5 Sieve pk of 5
  • 13219 Green HVLP CCS Ring Only*

  • 16295 25ml Glass Cup with Plug-In Cup

  • 35592 Blue RP CCS Ring Only

  • 44859 Needle Packing

  • 53033 25ml Glass Cup with Plug-In Cup (x5)

  • 58164 25ml Glass Cup with Blind Lid (x5)

  • 64022 PVC Lid (x3)

  • 68809 Packing Spring

  • 133983 Air Connection Piece ¼” Male Thread197418 Green, Blue, Red, & Black CCS Clips (x4)

  • 197467 Air Distribution Ring with Puller (x3)
  • 197541 0.125L QCC Reusable Plastic Cup
  • 197558 Anti-Drip Device (x4)
  • 198408 Air Piston Rod
  • 198473 Trigger Kit
  • 198523 Air Micrometer
  • 198549 Flat & Round Control Knob
  • 198911 0.15L QCC Reusable Aluminum Cup. Cpl.
  • 199075 Screw Cap with Drip Catcher Ring & Anti-Drip Device
  • 199406 Material Flow Control with Counter Nut
  • 199414 Packing for Paint Needle and Air Piston
  • 199430 Air Micrometer Adjustment Screw (x3)
  • 199448 Air Piston Head (x3)
  • 199455 Fluid Tip Sealing Element (x5)
  • 199463 Trigger Sleeve Kit
  • 199471 Spindle Gasket (x3)
  • 201467 Pressure Spring for Paint Needle & Air Piston (each x3)
  • 200162 Control Knob with Screw (x2)
  • 200220 Plug-In Cup Connection with QCC
  • 200238 25ml Glass Cup with Plug-In Lid (x5) & QCC Plug-In Connection
  • 200907 Sealing Ring (x5)
  • 199398 Blue RP Metal Ring Only
  • 199380 Green HVLP Metal Ring Only

Tool Kit—198572

  • Universal Wrench

  • Combi Tool

  • Cleaning Brush

  • Paint Strainer

  • Extraction Tool


Universal Key Kit (3 Pcs)—1097379

Repair Kit—198614