SurfPrep Shredder Screen Discs & Sheets (Hook & Loop)


Shredder Screen Discs & Sheets (Hook & Loop)

Manufacturer: SurfPrep


Description: Screen Backed Abrasives. Hook & Loop (H&L). Aluminum Oxide 50 Discs/Box. The pictures shown do not necessarily reflect the grit you have chosen. Screen discs & pads do not need vacuum holes for clean sanding.

SurfPrep's screened backing provides for enhanced support of grain and edge-wear, Our premium abrasive grain in an open coat construction provides a true, consistent & uniform scratch. Innovative ‘load-free’ coating provides for a fast rate of cut and longer life. Made with a durable polyester material. The screen is full of tiny holes that are very effective for dust free sanding. It keeps materials from loading onto the abrasive which results in a smooth sanding pattern. This can be used for stock removal & stripping away old products like lacquer or stain.

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