SurfPrep Solid Surface Sanding Systems


This is the easiest and most complete solid surface sanding system on the market. SurfPrep strives to give you the best-sanded surface for a beautiful finish in the least amount of steps possible. SurfPrep's kit provides the materials to create matte, semi-gloss, gloss, & high gloss sheen. SurfPrep's solid surface sanding systems do NOT include a sander. When choosing a sander to work with your sanding system, make sure it is Central Vacuum or Self Generated Vacuum. All products sold in the kit have vacuum holes (5 Hole/6 Hole). Recommended to be used with a vacuum. Includes the following:

5mm Foam Backed Abrasive Discs (25 Discs/Box)

  • (1 Box) Very Fine (280-380 Scratch) Red Aluminum Oxide 
  • (1 Box) Super Fine + (600-700 Scratch) Red Aluminum Oxide 
  • (1 Box) Super Micro Fine (1,800-2,500 Scratch) Black Silicon Carbide 
Film Discs (100 Discs/Box)
  • (1 Box) SurfPrep Hook & Loop Film 180 Grit, Stearated Aluminum Oxide
  • (1 Box) SurfPrep Hook & Loop Film 400 Grit, Special Stearated Aluminum Oxide
  • (1 Box) SurfPrep Hook & Loop Film 800 Grit, Special Stearated Aluminum Oxide
  • (1 Box) SurfPrep Hook & Loop Film 800 Grit, Special Stearated Ceramic
 Non-Woven Discs (25/Discs/Box)
  • (1 Box) SurfPrep Hook & Loop Grey Non-Woven Flocked Back Disc 800 Grit, Silicon Carbide
  • (1 Box ) SurfPrep 5" White Non-Woven Discs, Non-Abrasive/No Grit
Sander Accessories
  • (1) SurfPrep Pad Saver
  • (1) SurfPrep Soft Interface Pad (Grey)
Polishing Accessories
  • (1) SurfPrep Solid Surface 7.5" X 1.5" Wood Blend Polishing Pad
  • (1) SurfPrep Solid Surface Polish 32oz

*All abrasives/accessories have 5 holes for vacuum sanding


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