Pre-Built Vacuum Hoses & Connections Kit

This is a suggested vacuum hose setup because it has 3 of SurfPrep's most popular vacuum accessories.

All together, this creates a 10 foot long vacuum hose.

This will work with most vacuums that have a 2.25" unthreaded intake port. *see pictures and measurements
  1. SurfPrep's SPCX (vacuum port reducer) slides into the 2.25" unthreaded intake port of your vacuum.
  2. This allows SurfPrep's SPVH-6 (1" diameter BLUE Rigid Vacuum Hose) to screw into into the SPCX.
  3. The CVC1-4 (flexible whip hose) attaches to the blue hose
*SurfPrep is not responsible for return shipping costs if vacuum adapter does not fit the vacuum you own.