Sales Special Offer - Wagner Fluid/Air Hose Set (25 ft / 7.5 m).

$99.00 $189.62

AirCoat 25ft x 1/4 in. Air & Fluid Hose Set

The Aircoat 25ft x 1/4 in. Air & Fluid Hose set is to be used with Wagner Air-Assisted-Airless Spray Guns. The hoses are robust and flexible for comfortable use and being durable at the same time. The 25ft. AirCoat Hose Kit can be used for the following Wagner Air Assist Airless Spray Guns: Wagner GM 4700AC Manual AirCoat Spray GunWagner GM 4700AC-H Manual AirCoat Spray Gun Wagner GM 4100AC Manual AirCoat Spray Gun