SurfPrep Connector, 1" Hose to 1.5" Hose (Static Conductive)


SurfPrep Part#: SPHH1-1.5

Connector, 1" Hose to 1.5" Hose

SurfPrep 1.5" Universal Hose Reducer

This vacuum adapter piece is for anyone who owns a different brand of vacuum that comes with a 1 1/2″ – 1 5/8″ style vacuum hose. The black adapter piece should slide in and create a tight seal with the vacuum hose. We recommend purchasing SurfPrep’s Vacuum Hose to screw into this vacuum grey part of the adapter piece. Other brand of vacuum hoses can actually be very heavy, so we recommend purchasing a 12-foot long SurfPrep hose to attach to this piece.


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