SurfPrep Vacuums


SurfPrep's Vortex Vacuum System is unlike anything on the market today. These are the perfect solution for dustless sanding, dust extraction and cleanup. The lightweight 15 gallon unit is portable, with a tough impact-resistant poly tank. All components are built to SurfPrep's highest quality standards to ensure long life and extreme durability for industrial environments. Each vacuum system comes with 2 pneumatic couplers and 2 electric ports and is built to support 2 sanding operators. These systems are meant to be customized for any sanding operation depending on a user's needs. SurfPrep stands by a 20 year manufacturer warranty on all vacuums. Reach out to your SurfPrep supplier for more information on these systems!  



  -HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) engineered to provide maximum protection from hazardous dust. Captures 99.9% of particles .03 microns & larger. Ideal for almost any material: (primer, paint, wood, etc.) -Pre-Filters designed to prolong life of the HEPA filters. Provide protection from larger particles. -Bag Filters- disposable, first stage of filtration. Intended for single use. -Many vacuum hose options available (static conductive) -Tough, impact resistant poly-tank withstands rough use & chemical/biological exposure. -2 electric outlets 2 HP power head (120VAC @ 11A) -2 pneumatic compressor couplers with a ‘compressed air pressure gauge’   SPPV15-A/E - SurfPrep 15 Gallon Vacuum Complete Setup for Single User - Complete w/ Hepa Filter, 5 pack of 15 Gallon Collection Bags, SPCSA1.5-1 (1" Sleeve Assembly), 12' SPCVH1(1" static conductive vacuum hose), SPVPA (15 Amp to 20 Amp Plug Adapter) SPPV15-A/E-CUSTOM - SurfPrep 15 Gallon Customizable Vacuum Unit - Complete w/ Hepa Filter, 5 pack of 15 Gallon Collection Bags, SPVPA (15 Amp to 20 Amp Plug Adapter) - order accessories separate