SurfPrep 15-Gallon Vacuum


SurfPrep 15-Gallon Vacuum

Manufacturer: SurfPrep

Part #: SPPV15-XX


SurfPrep's Vortex Vacuum System is unlike anything on the market today. These are the perfect solution for dustless sanding, dust extraction, and cleanup. The lightweight 15-gallon unit is portable, with a tough impact-resistant poly tank. All components are built to SurfPrep's highest quality standards to ensure long life and extreme durability for industrial environments. Each vacuum system comes with 2 pneumatic couplers and 2 electric ports and is built to support 2 sanding operators. These systems are meant to be customized for any sanding operation depending on a user's needs. SurfPrep stands by a 20-year manufacturer warranty on all vacuums. Reach out to your SurfPrep supplier for more information on these systems!  




  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) engineered to provide maximum protection from hazardous dust. Captures 99.9% of particles .03 microns & larger. Ideal for almost any material: (primer, paint, wood, etc.)
  • Pre-Filters designed to prolong the life of the HEPA filters. Provide protection from larger particles.
  • Bag Filters- disposable, first stage of filtration. Intended for single use.
  • Many vacuum hose options available (static conductive)
  • Tough, impact-resistant poly-tank withstands rough use & chemical/biological exposure.
  • 2 electric outlets 2 HP powerhead (120VAC @ 11A)
  • 2 pneumatic compressor couplers with a ‘compressed air pressure gauge’  

SPPV15-A/E - SurfPrep 15 Gallon Vacuum Complete Setup for Single User

Complete with:

  • HEPA Filter,
  • 5 pack of 15 Gallon Collection Bags,
  • 5-1 (1" Sleeve Assembly),
  • 12' SPCVH1(1" static conductive vacuum hose),
  • SPVPA (15 Amp to 20 Amp Plug Adapter)

SPPV15-CU - SurfPrep 15 Gallon Customizable Vacuum Unit Only

Complete with:

  • HEPA Filter,
  • 5 pack of 15 Gallon Collection Bags,
  • SPVPA (15 Amp to 20 Amp Plug Adapter)
  • Order Accessories Separate
  • Contact us at regarding this option.

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