Spray Transfer Carts


Spray Transfer Cart Features

  • Adjustability: Rack from 6’ to 10’ (custom length available)
  • Adjustability: Rack from 5’7” to 10’ (custom length available) Finishing: Painting, Staining, Sanding, Clear Coating
  • Mobile: 4 Commercial Grade Casters
  • Single-User: Single-User to Transfer a Door while wet onto the Drying Rack with ease
  • Ability: Disassemble & Reassemble at Jobsite
  • Made of 1/8” Cold Rolled Steel with commercial heavy-duty casters and load-bearing pins
  • Fits through standard doorways assembled (75-1/2”H x 30-1/2”W)


  • Single-User Capability: Allows a single-user to finish doors without assistance
  • Finish both sides of a door in a horizontal position simultaneously for a superior finish Single-User can adjust ergonomic work height in just seconds
  • Adjustable to accommodate different size doors with two quick-connect pins Transfer Cart commercial-grade wheels makes it easy to move fully loaded
  • Transfer Cart disassembles and reassembles easily in just minutes for transportation Portable from floor-to-floor on a job site
  • All racks and carts have multiple