Detail Sanding Foam Pads


SurfPrep's Foam Sandpaper variety pack is great for moldings, profiles, and flat surface sanding!

  • Sharp, fast cutting grains for extra long life!
  • Clog resistant coating to resist load-up!
  • Highly flexible, tear resistant materials!
  • Hook & loop backing for easy changeover!


INCLUDES 3 OF EACH THICKNESS! 5MM IS FOR FLAT SANDING. ½” IS FOR MOLDINGS   Size: 3 3/4” X 5 3/4” (95.25mm X 146mm) Compatible with Mouse® style sanders  

Includes: 3 of the 5mm Pads for Flat Sanding and 3 of the ½” Pads for Moldings


Includes: 10 of One Thickness Only! 5mm Pads for Flat Sanding OR ½” Pads for Moldings