SurfPrep Professional Onsite 8 Gallon Vacuum

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SurfPrep Professional Onsite Vacuum - 8 Gallon

Manufacturer: SurfPrep

Part #: SPPOV-8

Description: SurfPrep's Vortex Vacuum System is unlike anything on the market today. These are the perfect solution for dustless sanding, dust extraction, and cleanup. The lightweight 8-gallon unit is portable, with a tough impact-resistant poly tank. All components are built to SurfPrep's highest quality standards to ensure long life and extreme durability for industrial environments. SurfPrep stands by a 20-year manufacturer warranty on all vacuums. Reach out to your SurfPrep supplier for more information on these systems!  

  • Includes: 5 replacement collection bags, 12' static conductive hose, SPUHCMF adaptor to connect sander to hose
  • HEPA-M Filter System (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) - Engineered to provide maximum protection from hazardous dust. Captures 99.97% of particles .1 microns & larger. Ideal for almost any material: (primer, paint, wood, etc.)
  • Self Cleaning - Automatic Filter cleaning system allows air to pass through system valves that are inverted in alternation every 30 seconds. This ensures efficient cleaning action without interruption to the operator.
  • Automatic ON/OFF - The vacuum system automatically activates when the sander is turned on. When the operator stops using the sander, the vacuum will automatically turn off. This feature saves time and electricity while keeping a quiet work environment
  • Industrial Tank - Structure ensures resistance and manageability of movement in all workplaces. Impact-resistant tanks withstand rough use and chemical exposures.
  • Static Conductive System - Fully integrated static conductive properties of POV-8 paired with a 12' vacuum hose stops static shock due to different climates.
  • Systainer T-LOC - Compatible with all T-LOC Systainer modular systems. A vacuum can be used as a workstation to store tools, abrasives, and much more.
  • Vacuum Hose & Electric Cord Organizer
  • 130 CFM

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    Vacuum Accessories:

    Surfprep POV-8 Vacuum Collection Bags (5-Pack) - SPPOV8CB

    Surfprep POV-8 Vacuum HEPA Filter Replacement (2-Pack) - SPPOV8HFR


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