Test Panel Holder


Simplify your test panel/spray-out card process. Easily attach paper or metal test panels, then aim and spray! Save time and materials by eliminating the repetitive task of taping a test panel to a stir stick.

In between coats, or when not in use, simply place the magnetic Test Panel Holder on the booth wall wherever convenient and out of the way.

  • Test Panel Holder (#92002) includes a metal clipboard for attaching paper test panels. Or if using metal test panels attach directly to the top magnet (#92003)
  • Magnetically attaches to the wall for storage and drying
  • Create and build your own color library
  • For your permanent color collection, check out our 6"x4" metal test panels, with coverage/hiding stripe
Spray guns and other material props shown in images are not included.
CAUTION: Never use any magnetic accessory on or near computer equipment. Use caution with all magnetic products. Keep fingers and other important body parts away from the path of the magnetic - metal contact.

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