The Magahook Assortment

The Magahooks- are uniquely designed, powerful magnetic hooks that will hang, store, and organize a variety of items on almost any metal surface. There are several models to choose from. Use on surfaces such as toolboxes, school lockers, metal doors, refrigerators, washer/dryers, warehouse racking, metal walls, parts caddies, and much more. The applications are endless. 
  • Strong, sturdy, multi-purpose magnetic hooks
  • Designed to hold various objects for organization and storage on most metal surfaces
  • Available with shaft, hook, clip, and more, for various hanging options. Multiple styles to match your specific magnetic hanging needs
  • Custom styles and designs available upon request for small or large quantity orders
  • Large magnet - 65lb pull rating
  • Small magnet - 16lb pull rating
View The Magahook- Display Standard 
Any props shown in images are not included.  Images shown are not actual size.
CAUTION: Never use any magnetic accessory on or near computer equipment. Use caution with all magnetic products. Keep fingers and other important body parts away from the path of the magnetic - metal contact.

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