Tip Accessories / Micro Tip Filter (pack of 10 filters) Kremlin 129.609.901

$39.00 $50.85

An essential part of maintaining your finishing equipment, our tip accessories will help to keep your spray tips operating at peak performance. Whether you are using Graco sprayer tips, Wagner airless paint sprayer tips, or air-assisted airless spray tips you can find the right item to get the job done.

Regardless of the amount of times your spray coating is filtered, all spray tips are bound to get clogged at some point in time. With the help of our fine tip broaches, you can clear a blockage simply and easily allowing you to get the most profitability out of your sprayer tips. In combination with the universal pre-orifices, you can produce a fine finish result. Pre-orifices will create a more complete atomization of the spray pattern allowing you to spray at lower pressures, which ultimately results in an extended life of your high-pressure nozzle. With the use of our microfilters for your air-assisted airless spray tips, you will receive all the benefits of a pre-orifice while it filters one final time before the spray coating is applied.

Fits behind most AAA tip designs, serving as both a filter and pre-orifice.s.