Tria Pro45 Base and Tip - TRIA-Optima 2000


The TRIA Pro45 is an upgrade to your air-assisted airless spray gun turning it into a reversible spray tip system. Designed to minimize downtime and increase efficiency, this system when combined with the appropriate paint filters will help to achieve a fine finish spray coating. It is adaptable to the Binks® 4400, Graco® G15 and G40, KREMLIN® AVX, MVX, and XCITE®, Optima 2000 and 2100, SATAjet 3000K, and Wagner® 4000, 4100, 4600, and 4700 air-assisted airless spray guns. The TRIA Pro45 is supplied as a kit comprising of an air cap base, a reversible paint sprayer tip, and all the required seals to solving your fluid dynamics requirements.

This air-assisted airless reversible spray tip system will not only improve your performance but it reduces bounce back with optimum atomization of the spray coating resulting in a perfect fine finish each and every time. These quality reversible paint sprayer tips will easily clear a blockage away which allows you to be most efficient with your finishing equipment.

Upgrades your AAA gun making it a reversible spray tip system. Increases efficiency, improves performance and reduces bounce with optimum atomization.

Additional Premium Tip Sizes

Additional Superfine Tip Sizes