TRIA Pro45 Premium Standard - TRIA Reversible Tip


The TRIA Pro45 is an upgrade to your air-assisted airless spray gun turning it into a reversible spray tip system. Designed to minimize downtime and increase efficiency, this system when combined with the appropriate paint filters will help to achieve a fine finish spray coating. It is adaptable to the Astruro K1 Mix, Binks® 4400, CA Technologies Bobcat and Cougar, Durr Ecogun2100, Graco® G15 and G40, KREMLIN® AVX, MVX, and XCITE®, Optima 2000 and 2100, SATAjet 3000K, and Wagner® 4000, 4100, 4600, and 4700 air-assisted airless spray guns. The TRIA Pro45 is supplied as a kit comprising of an air cap base, a reversible paint sprayer tip, and all the required seals to solving your fluid dynamics requirements.

This air-assisted airless reversible spray tip system will not only improve your performance but it reduces bounce back with optimum atomization of the spray coating resulting in a perfect fine finish each and every time. These quality reversible paint sprayer tips will easily clear a blockage away which allows you to be most efficient with your finishing equipment.

Upgrades your AAA gun making it a reversible spray tip system. Increases efficiency, improves performance, and reduces bounce with optimum atomization.

For tips sizes not listed, please contact us.

TRIA Pro45 for Optima 2000 Base Assembly Available here

TRIA Pro45 for Wagner® 4700 Base Assembly Available here

TRIA Pro45 for Binks® 4400 Base Assembly Available here

TRIA Pro45 for Graco® G15 / G40 Base Assembly Available here

TRIA Pro45 for KREMLIN® AVX, MVX and XCITE® Base Assembly Available here


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