Tsunami Air Monitoring Equipment


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Tsunami Air Monitoring Equipment Kits, and Packs

Manufacturer: Tsunami

Part Number: 21999-0440, 21999-0447, 21999-0938


Tsunami Air Monitoring Equipment provides the ability to verify that the air system tested is supplying the quality of compressed air cleanliness required for the application.

Use one or both of our air monitoring kits to ensure your system is performing at its best!

Air Prep Kit

  • Includes Air Survey Monitor and CFM Test Kit

Air Survey Monitor

  • Measures humidity, dew point, and air temperature
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Includes sensor filtration

CFM Test Kit (3 - 30 CFM)

  • Measure the CFM usage at any tool
  • Easy to read graph
  • Complete with regulator and female coupler

Tsunami Air Survey Kit monitors the following air conditions:

  • Relative humidity: 0 - 100%RH

  • Dew point: -22°F to 199°F

  • Temperature from -4°F to 158°F

Tsunami CFM Test Kit measures air flow rate:

  • 3 CFM to 30 CFM

  • 1 CFM to 10 CFM available by special order

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