Tsunami Core Series Desiccant Air Dryer


Tsunami Core Series Desiccant Air Dryer System with Pre-Filtration -25 CFM

Manufacturer:  Tsunami

Part Number: 21999-1225, 21999-1235


The all-new Tsunami CORE Series Desiccant Air Dryer provides world-class air dryness at an affordable price, designed solely for intermittent, lower-pressure point-of-use applications.

The Tsunami manual change desiccant cartridge eliminates dusting and tunneling of airflow through the media, improving the output air performance. The CORE dryer is designed as a complete package and includes inline pre-filtration to remove bulk liquids and fine particulates prior to drying.

  • Tsunami pre-filtration includes the water separator and oil coalescing filter to remove liquid water, bulk oils, and particulate
  • The Core manual change desiccant cartridge provides easy maintenance, extends media life, and eliminates dusting and tunneling
  • CORE Series Dryer Systems are efficiently designed and constructed with very few moving parts, reducing potential stress points

Core Series Dryer Features

  • 2-stage Pre-filtration; Water Separator, Oil Coalescing Filter
  • Cartridge style desiccant for easy maintenance
  • Proprietary desiccant media blend in spring loaded cartridge eliminates dusting and "tunneling"
  • Automatic drains
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Outlet regulator
  • Machined aluminum housing & heads
  • Anodized inside & out

Core Series Dryer Benefits

  • Dryer Performance
  • Extended Life: dryer cartridge provides 20-25% longer life than competitor brands
  • First Stage Water Separator
  • Removes  liquid water
  • Filters particulate down to 10 microns
  • Seconded Stage Oil Coalescing Filter
  • Filters particulates down to .01 microns
  • Removes humidity, dew points down to -80°F


Item #  21999-1225 21999-1235
Description Air Dryer System with Pre-Filtration - 25CFM Air Dryer System without Pre-Filtration - 25CFM
Port Size (NPT) 1/2 Inlet/Outlet 1/2 Inlet/Outlet
Drain Float Float
Max PSI 200 200
Max °F 175° 175°
Weight 25 lbs 14 lbs
Dimensions (in) 22 x 13 x 7 22 x 5 x 7


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Item #  Description
21999-1230 Desiccant cartridge replacement
21999-1146 Moisture Indicator for Core Dryer - Replace Annually
21999-1124 Core Series Dryer - End Cap
21999-1077-PL Outer Tube Replacement
21999-0131 Water Separator
21999-0131-Z-FD Oil Coalescing Filter

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CORE Dryer Brochure

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