Tsunami External Reservoir Moisture Minder


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Tsunami External Reservoir Moisture Minder

Manufacturer: Tsunami

Part Number: 152-0000


The industrial-strength pneumatic drain operates using an intermittent pilot signal and functions without causing a pressure drop in the air system.

Pilot Signal Received

  • Condensation enters the left side, or water inlet of the valve.

Pilot Signal from Unloader

  • Piston shifts, closing off drain port. As the piston moves, it will open up the stainless ball check allowing condensate to be forced into a pressurized discharge reservoir.

Valve at Rest

  • When the pilot signal is relieved, the piston returns to a relaxed position. The ball check closes preventing zero pressure loss in the system. The drain port opens and the stored condensate is ejected.

Failure to routinely drain your compressor manually or by other means can contaminate compressed air systems and ruin your pneumatic tools and their application.

  • Attaches to the bottom of Tsunami Filters for operation
  • Made in USA
Part Number
CFM 20
Outlet (NPT) 1/4"
Max F 175 F
Max PSI 250
Dimensions 5" x 5 1/2" x 2"



Tsunami Universal Strainer with 50 Mesh Screen

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