Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters


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Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters

Manufacturer:  Tsunami

Part Number: 21999-0390-Z-FD, 21999-0390-Z-ED, 21999-0390-Z-MM, 21999-0131-Z-FD, 21999-0131-Z-ED, 21999-0131-Z-MM, 21999-1034-Z-FD, 21999-1034-Z-ED, 21999-1034-Z-MM, 21999-0082-Z-FD, 21999-0082-Z-ED, 21999-0082-Z-MM, 21999-1096-Z-FD, 21999-1096-Z-ED, 21999-1096-Z-MM, 21999-1120-Z-FD, 21999-1120-Z-ED, 21999-1120-Z-MM, 21999-0960-Z-FD, 21999-0960-Z-ED, 21999-0960-Z-MM


Tsunami oil coalescing filters deliver high-grade compressed air and protect critical equipment from oil aerosols and particulates. Tsunami oil coalescing filters use a non-wicking drain layer secured to the outside support core to separate oil and water from the airflow and drain the liquid to the filter sump.

Drain Options

  • Float Drain - Contains a float within the device that normally sits on a small orifice. When liquid enters the drain the float rises off its seat, exposing the orifice and allowing liquid to discharge through the stem.
  • Pneumatic Drain - (Requires Pilot Signal) - An external condensate reservoir collects liquid. When the liquid rises to a set point a mechanical switch sends pilot air to an air cylinder that opens a ball valve, draining the reservoir and returning the piston to a relaxed position.
  • Electronic Drain - (Requires Electricity) - Incorporates a solenoid valve and an electric timer with two on/off settings. ON is the setting for the amount of time the valve needs to stay open (0.5 to 10 seconds) and OFF is the time between openings (0.5 to 45 minutes).

Premium Materials

Tsunami filters are machined from high-quality 6061 Aircraft Aluminum and then anodized inside and out - providing industrial strength and preventing corrosion and rust.

Oversized Tube Length

Oversized tube length allows both gravity and velocity to assist in the removal of water and air contaminants.

Removable Bottom Cap

The removable bottom cap provides ease of service and the machined drain port allows for various drain options.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemical-resistant polypropylene cores and layers support coalescing media.
  • Removes oil, oil mist, vapor, and particulate down to .01 microns.
  • The non-Wicking layer collects and drains oil into the drain sump of the filter housing, preventing entrancement.
  • Available with float, electronic, or pneumatic drain options.
  • Available for systems with a flow rating from 20 to 800 CFM.
  • Made in America.

Part Number Description 
21999-A Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters Service Kits
21999-B Tsunami Oil Coalescing Element 5 Pack
21999-0201 Drain Tube Kit - 10 Pack
21999-0867 Tsunami Mounting Kit - 20 Series Filters
21999-0144 Tsunami Mounting Bracket - 50 & 120 Series
21999-1126 Tsunami Mounting Bracket - 300 & 600 Series
Outer Tube Replacement
21999-0386 Outer Tube Replacement - 20 Series
21999-0125 Outer Tube Replacement - 50 Series
21999-0078 Outer Tube Replacement - 120/240 Series
21999-1077-PL Outer Tube Replacement -300 Series
21999-1087-PL Outer Tube Replacement - 600 Series
21999-0962-PL Outer Tube Replacement - 800 Series
Bottom Cap Replacement
21999-0388 Bottom Cap Replacement 20 Series
21999-0127 Bottom Cap Replacement 50 Series
21999-0182 Bottom Cap Replacement 120/240 Series
21999-1078 Bottom Cap Replacement 300 Series
21999-1088 Bottom Cap Replacement 600 Series
21999-0961 Bottom Cap Replacement 800 Series
Heater Wraps
163-0644 Heater Wraps 20 & 50 Series - 110/120v AC, 100 W
163-0648 Heater Wraps 20 & 50 Series - 12 DC, 75 W
163-0646 Heater Wraps 20 & 50 Series - 24v DC, 100W
163-0649 Heater Wraps 120/240 (240 Series Requires two Wraps) - 110/120v AC, 100 W
163-0651 Heater Wraps 120/240 (240 Series Requires two Wraps) - 12 DC, 50 W
163-0650 Heater Wraps 120/240 (240 Series Requires two Wraps) - 24v DC, 100W
163-0656 Heater Wrap 800 Series 120v DC, 150 W